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Best Landscape Architecture Schools

The Landscape architecture is the design of outdoor landmarks, public areas, and other structures to achieve a good environmental, social and aesthetic outcome. Studies have shown that the employees in the field of landscape architecture are said to increase. The population of the world is growing, and there is a strain to balance community and the resources in the natural environment, so we need individuals who can provide solutions to these problems by creating better landscapes so that we would have a healthy future. Due to the high demand in the requirement, the job profile of a landscape architecture is also in demand.
Many universities and schools offer you a proper training and degree programs in Landscape architecture systems. The following are some of those Universities where you can enroll and get your degree in the landscape design.
• The University of Florida.
• The University of Massachusetts Amherst.
• North Carolina State University at Raleigh.

Landscape Architecture

University of Florida:

The University of Florida has a separate department for Landscape Architecture and offers a professionally accredited bachelor of landscape architecture program. The programs provided by the University of Florida are said to be one of the best programs in the whole world for Landscape design.
The Department for landscape Architecture got established in the year 1933. The department aims to research on landscape architecture so that there is an enhancement of understanding and the practice of professional landscape architecture. The University offers summer programs in which the students can go abroad and study in places like Mexico, China, Prague, and Nantucket. The University of Florida offers a five-year degree program which provides the student both classroom instruction and studio work. In the final year, students are required to complete a project which will showcase their academic work.
After the completion of the third year, students are encouraged to take up an internship. The final year students can either provide a project or a thesis.

University of Massachusetts Amherst:

The landscape architecture program was founded in the college by Frank A. Waugh in the year 1903. In the beginning, the program was landscape architecture for gardening, now the department has evolved so much and offers many courses. The department now offers many fields of research and teachings. Some of them are community engagement, technological innovation, greenway planning, regenerative urbanism, design exploration, etc. Dual degrees are also offered in the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

North Carolina State University at Raleigh:

The department of Landscape architecture aims to teach, research, learn and apply the art that creates an innovative design which focuses on the well-being of human environment and ecosystem’s health and also seeks to improve the quality of life. The North Carolina State University at Raleigh encourages the students to go abroad and study in countries like Prague and the Czech Republic. The programs in the North Carolina State University are fully accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board.
The University used to offer bachelor’s program but it no longer offers bachelor’s program now, it offers only master’s program.

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